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Farrow & Ball have been making paint in Dorset, England for over sixty years and is the only company continuing to make a full range of traditional and modern paint finishes to the highest quality. 

The depth and beauty of the colours are due to superior formulations and quality standards, unmatched by other paints. They use more high quality pigments and resins and no low quality 'fillers', giving the colours visibly greater depth and purity. In fact, Farrow & Ball produce some of the most environmentally friendly paints available anywhere in the world, by using natural ingredients such as chalk, lime putty and linseed oil.


In order to maintain their extraordinarily high standards of colour accuracy they don't let anybody else mix Farrow & Ball paint and even insist on checking each batch before it leaves the factory in order to make sure that it is absolutely perfect. 

Farrow & Ball paints grace the walls of some of the most beautiful homes across the world. The colours and finishes are historically rooted, meticulously researched, and reflect the company's unique heritage.



Glorious colors, like emerald, ruby, amethyst and sapphire, golden yellow tones and exotic coral shades, vivid turquoise and luscious cream colors, (Brown and cream interior color schemes) combined with tender ivory, comfortable brown, elegant silver, light gray and warm whites are interior design trends for 2016. (Light gray, white and pink-red colors, 5 color schemes)

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